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Running a Tower #

Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire

Welcome to Running a Tower. This online document, produced by the Stewardship & Management Workgroup, is aimed at the Tower Captain - the person with overall responsibility for looking after all aspects of a tower. That may be an established Tower Captain, one just new to the job or someone wondering if they should take on the role.

The aims of this document are:

  • To help you understand what requirements there are including statutory and legal.
  • To help you make your tower an enjoyable place to be.
  • To give you hints on how to run the tower.

The Stewardship & Management Workgroup have produced two other documents:

  • Belfry Upkeep which is aimed at the Steeple Keeper – the one responsible for keeping the bells in order. The aims of that document are:
    • To help with an understanding of the installation in the tower.
    • To describe checks to carry out to identify any problems.
    • To advise on maintenance tasks, possibly with expert advice or assistance.
    • Most importantly, to help identify the tasks that require specialist knowledge from a Bell Hanger or other expert.
  • Belfry Projects which offers advice to anyone who is considering a project to install bells or undertake restoration work on a bell installation in a bell tower.

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