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Advice for Bell Ringers #

This document aims to help bell ringing societies/guilds/associations prepare a Health and Safety Policy for all activities of the society. (In these notes, the word society’ will be used regardless of the title of the society, guild or association concerned.)

Under common law, voluntary organisations and individual volunteers have a ‘duty of care’ to each other and to those who may be affected by their activities. It is therefore good practice for a society to have a written Health and Safety Policy. Some insurers, for example, may ask for evidence of how a society considers Health and Safety matters. These notes will consider only societies with no paid employees. (Note that the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 requires businesses employing 5 or more people to prepare a written Health and Safety Policy. Outside England and Wales, other laws and terminology may be applicable.)

Where a society operates with smaller districts or equivalent at a more local level, then the Health and Safety Policy needs to reflect this.

A policy may include:

  • A Statement of Intent: A general statement about the society, its activities and its commitment to managing Health and Safety.
  • Responsibilities for Health & Safety: The names, roles and positions of those who lead on Health and Safety matters.
  • Arrangements for Health & Safety: Practical arrangements for what will be done by whom, when and how.

The policy should be prepared and approved by the Officers of the Society and reviewed at least annually. It should be available to members and those involved in the society’s activities, for example at an AGM, in annual reports and on the society website.

An example document can be downloaded here.

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